Before I forget

Cordelia’s growth:

12/29/08: 16 lbs 7 oz, 27.5 inches
3/30/09: 18 lbs 10 oz, 28 inches long (2.7 oz gained per week average for this 3 month period)
4/14/09: 19 lbs 4.5 oz. That’s 5 oz/week! Poor thing has an ear infection now, so who knows how long it’ll last.

She’s getting really close to walking. Pulling up on everything, cruising the furniture, walking behind the little push cart toy, JUMPING! in her crib. Oh how she loves to jump. She started clapping at the end of March (real clapping, not hitting her legs clapping), and has started waving this week. I’m working on blowing kisses too. She loves to take my glasses off and chew on them.

Veronica potty trained in January – hooray! We’re still working on the night training, but taking our time about it. How we did it: I prepped her Thursday night or Friday am saying that when she came home on Friday, we were going to put big girl undies on, and she was going to start using the potty. She could still wear a diaper for bedtime. Saturday, we woke up to a dead furnace. Put her in the undies anyway, and took off to Wiley & Jenn’s with little potty in tow. She did great! Bribes worked well too: m&ms for a pee, lollipop for a poop. Boy does this kid love lollipops. Once the heat was back on at the house, we came home she fought the potty for a bit (I think I held her on it at one point), but once she gave in, she again did great. Sunday was also awesome. No accidents (or maybe one?) all weekend. Monday came, and I sent her to school in undies (with tons of changes of clothes), and she didn’t have a single accident. From then on, she’s had a few – usually right in front of the potty because she spends so much time dancing around getting there.

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