Cheep cheep!

This is what I see every time I open my fridge: They have lots of personality. Like this guy: He cracks me up. And I love this one: Do they get any fresher? Chick cake pops, from Bakerella. Happy Easter, everyone!

Zoom Zoom!

Chris and I went to the Mazda Zoom Zoom Live! event on Sunday morning with Wiley. Had lots of fun driving 3s and 5s and Miatas around the courses. I managed to get the closest time for the Gymkhana event for the hour (netting me a hat), and Wiley pulled …

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White Lake

Had a great weekend hanging out with my college buddies Mindy, Stevie, and Susan & Jack (and their little girl Grace). It’s kind of an annual thing for us to decend on the Zimmerman retreat in White Lake, NY (in the Catskills) once a year for swimming, eating, and general …

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Lego Star Wars

Chris has been going on for a while about how cool the Lego Star Wars video game looks. To the point where we’ve been considering buying an Xbox or PS2 to be able to play it. While in a Toys-R-Us buying a kiddie pool to use as the base for …

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